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Teenagers who feel lonely should get counselling and practice yoga

In this time of great uncertainty, it has been difficult for many people, especially teenagers to adjust and adapt to a life in lockdown. Many people have struggled to accept that their normal life has changed. Being able to see family members and friends that we took for granted is now more difficult and in some cases forbidden. 


Julie Greenhalgh, Counsellor in Harpenden and yoga teacher


If you are a teenager who is struggling to accept the new normal please contact Julie Greenhalgh who specialises in counselling teenagers in Harpenden on 07909 542543.


Teenagers need to socialise as lockdown at home with parents has been challenging.


Although lockdown restrictions are now easing in the UK and life is returning back to normal with the pubs, shops and public amenities opening, the change that has occurred has been enormous. Humans need to socialise and indeed benefit from socialising. Being restricted to one walk a day, calling family on zoom calls and standing two metres apart has challenged how people now act and think in certain situations.


More people have reported feeling anxious during lockdown


Children and teenagers in particular, have struggled to adjust to this new life at home and have found that the lockdown measures have had a detrimental effect on their mental health. More people have reported feeling anxious and depressed since the lockdown measures have been imposed and find that they are lonely at home, especially teenagers who thrive in social situations and enjoy meeting friends. 


Mental health is vital to wellbeing and can have an effect on physical health too


Being mentally well is important to live a happy and healthy life and having a mental health issue can result in a low quality of life and deep unhappiness. 


How do we express our loneliness?


The poem below reinforces how loneliness can take a toll on a person. It not only limits a person’s desire to do well and succeed in life, but also alienates and isolates them from others, making them feel an outcast and inferior to those who are happy. Loneliness can also present itself in other ways, other than a person’s emotional state and attitude. People may become frustrated or get angry quickly, or become overwhelmed by difficult challenges. If they are stressed their behaviour may change and they may lack the motivation or energy to exercise. 


Julie Greenhalgh, kundalini yoga instructor in Harpenden, Hertfordshire said:


‘As a Kundalini yoga teacher and instructor, I have noticed the real benefits from practicing yoga and meditation during lockdown, and kundalini yoga is something I would advise all teenagers start doing to help them improve their mental health. Take some time each day to practice yoga and it can have a huge effect on your mood and health. It is a relaxing form of meditation that will ensure that you are able to reflect on your life, your decisions, the situations you find yourself in, your attitudes and behaviour and then make a change. It is about becoming yourself and thinking positively, as well as remaining calm and de-stressing. Meditation and yoga in particular helps aid the body to recover in times of stress and deep uncertainty and it is proven that those who meditate are much better prepared to face stress and challenging situations than those who do no meditate, as they have a different approach to life.’


Julie Greenhalgh, teenage counsellor with clients in Harpenden, Redbourn, Hemel Hempstead and Wheathampstead continued:


‘I also offer counselling sessions and I noticed an increase in the number of teenagers calling me for a counselling appointment since lockdown started.  Many teenagers feel sad and lonely and want to talk to someone independent of their family. Many of the teenagers I have worked with and counselled have felt overwhelmed and lonely at home during the lockdown and now as we come out of lockdown, they have more freedom, but feel confused and scared and need coping strategies to deal with the new normal.  Counselling and yoga work together by helping add harmony and peace to somebody’s life. If you feel that you would benefit from yoga or a counselling session and want to discuss how I can help you please contact me on 07909 542543.’

Comment from a teenage client in Harpenden


‘When I was looking for a counsellor near me, I checked out a few Harpenden counsellors online and spoke to Julie who understood my situation as she has counselled many teenagers during lockdown. I was feeling lonely because of the pandemic, I was sad because there was no longer any structure in my life and I felt anxious about going outside. Julie reassured me that what I was feeling was normal and helped me understand how I could make changes to help myself feel better. She also did some Reiki healing with me. Reiki is a Japanese technique designed to reduce stress and relaxation which encourages healing. Julie suggested I take up yoga to manage my stress. I recommend teenagers who feel anxious try kundalini yoga as it does help keep you calm and focus on your breathing.’


Please read the poem below. Remember that it is alright to feel lonely and sad sometimes, as everyone does, and things will get better.  


A companion called loneliness


Loneliness, how I despise your loathing

Lurking in my life, happiness closing

Your nagging words stop me thinking clearly

Distracting me from creativity


Limiting my world by isolation

My soul is gripped by desolation

I sink into imposed melancholy

Confined in unbalanced reality


This vigorous act of self-obsession

Is a one-way street to vile depression

When I arrive I feel no more sadness

Just an overwhelming cloying dullness


And to the world I display great pretence

Covering up my lack of confidence

In this acting I am living a dream

No-one would know of my low self-esteem


Where does it come from this physical ache?

Why so hard, negative patterns to break

I try to speak but my words are voiceless

Justifying my sense of worthlessness

Constant searching for complete perfection

Confused, I fail at interpretation

Alone and frail but wanting to fit in

All I need is one person to listen


Dejected I know that no-one can hear

My heartfelt story of panic and fear

Its these shadows of self-loathing and guilt

That make the bricks of the wall I have built

- Frances Kirkland


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