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Welcome to Kundalini Yoga, Harpenden  


The ancient teachings of Kundalini yoga were kept secret for a very long time. Instead of being taught in the open, Kundalini yoga was taught only to royalty and nobility for thousands of years.  Yogi Bhajan, brought Kundalini yoga to the West in 1969 and was the first master of Kundalini Yoga to ever teach this ancient yogic science openly and freely to everyone. 

We live in a world of increasing pressure from technology and society creating a constant pressure on our personal space and health.  It is difficult to withstand this pressure and process the intensity of the world right now and so we need something to navigate us away from this negativity and vastness where we can feel calm and inner stillness. Kundalini Yoga is a simple (yet can be challenging) way to instantly release the pressure and leave you with longer lasting effects.  A Kundalini practice will help you to create relaxation, greater peace and more harmony in your life. Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system, balances the glands, purifies the blood, and cleans out subconscious thought patterns. This gives you greater awareness and ability to choose how you respond to your thoughts and feelings. Through practice, you can train your mind and body not to react emotionally—not by repressing emotions, but by developing a buffer zone, a time and space in which to process and make conscious choices about your responses.

What is a typical Kundalini Yoga Class


The typical format of a class starts by tuning in with a mantra, pranayam (breathing exercises), warm-up followed by a kriya (sequence of posture, mantra and breath done with a specific intended outcome),  relaxation and meditation.  We end the class with a blessing and a mantra. Each class will offer a different kriya and meditation.


Some kriya examples include; kriyas for disease resistance, for kidneys/adrenals (ie stress), to relax & release fear, to help beat anxiety and depression, for anger & negativity, for beauty & radiance,  to open your heart, or let go of grief.

Within the practice there are built-in moments of stillness where we sit quietly and awaken our inner self. The breath work within the kriya's is so powerful that it starts to strip away the layers that veil our consciousness, and during these moments we can begin to sense the fullness of who we are.

Other benefits of Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It is a transformative practice that will challenge you, elevate you and encourage your personal and spiritual evolution. Practicing Kundalini yoga promotes physical well-being and emotional stability by training the mind to be strong and flexible when faced with challenges.  It increases oxygen, balances the glandular system, stimulates the immune system, boosts blood flow and strengthens the nervous system.  Other benefits are improved vitality and self awareness allowing you to feel more in control of your self, clarity, greater self esteem and a deeper inner calm.


Kundalini Yoga helps to awaken the energy of consciousness. The practice brings to us an awareness of our self-limited beliefs and habitual patterns that we inherited from the past. The primary goal of Kundalini yoga is to allow us to reach our full potential and to expand our awareness of our unlimited self.  A stressful environment, life problems, losses, or traumatic events can create blockages in the energy flow that can translate into psychological symptoms such as anxiety and worry.  Balancing your chakras can help you restore the energy flow in your system and thus, reduce stress and anxiety levels. 

I warmly welcome you to experience Kundalini yoga for yourself.  The benefits of this yoga will help to add depth and a deeper meaning to your life.  The practice of Kundalini Yoga will align you to your true self ~ your beautiful and divine self. 


Kundalini Yoga is for everyone.


Kundalini Yoga Classes in Harpenden at the Breath & Harmony Yoga Studio, AL5 4BQ.

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Please bring to class a bottle of water.  If you need to borrow a yoga mat please let me know as I have spare ones.  




£10 taster class, regular drop in £15, book of 6 classes £72  


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Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan:

Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

Kundalini Research Institute

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