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Make Kundalini Yoga your New Year’s Resolution

This New Year try something different and come and join a Kundalini yoga taster session.

Julie Greenhalgh, Kundalini yoga teacher, Harpenden, Hertfordshire said: ‘If you are looking to find a local yoga class in Harpenden or try a different type of yoga give me a call on 07909 542453 and organise your £10 yoga taster session.  Our yoga classes are taught in a dedicated yoga studio set in a garden in the centre of Harpenden, so you can easily relax and enjoy the calm surroundings.’

What are the main goals of Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini yoga is an ancient yoga that has been taught to royalty and nobility for thousands of years. The main goal of Kundalini yoga is to allow each individual to reach their full potential and expand their awareness. In our stressful world, life problems, traumatic events or losses create blockages in the energy flow around your body and Kundalini yoga is designed to stop anxiety and worry and reduce your stress levels so you can cope better with your life.

Julie Greenhalgh yoga Harpenden

‘It is important given the world we live in where we experience increased pressure from technology and society that we can create some space In our lives to withstand this pressure and intensity. By creating a peaceful space where we feel calm and appreciate stillness, we can begin to get back our life balance. Kundalini yoga enables you to relax and gives you greater peace and harmony in your life. It helps strengthen the nervous system, balances the glands and purifies the blood. Practising Kundalini yoga regularly gives you greater awareness and helps you respond positively to your thoughts and feelings.  

In summary…

Why not start something new and come along to a taster session at my Kundalini yoga studio?  Based in a peaceful garden setting my Breath & Harmony studio is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the benefits of Kundalini yoga. If you have any questions about the class or want to know more about the benefits of Kundalini yoga call me on 07909 542453.

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