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Kundalini Yoga Class Raises £694 for local food bank.

Julie Greenhalgh, Kundalini Yoga teacher in Harpenden, Hertfordshire raised £694 from her yoga classes via zoom.

Due to lockdown, Julie's option to teach classes via zoom allowed her students keep a healthy mind and body during this stressful and chaotic time. The local food banks were struggling for food and cash donations. Julie thought, by giving back to the community, especially helping those in need was the right thing to do in this current environment.

Julie would like to thank all her yoga students for their kind donations. If you would like to join in the classes please message Julie for the zoom links.

"Good afternoon Julie. We wanted to thank you and all at the Breath & Harmony Kundalini Yoga Group for remembering us and your incredibly kind and generous donation. It is very much appreciated and well timed as last week, through our friends at Booker, we are now able to purchase some top up items at wholesale prices. We have also managed to open an account with Bidfood and use their services to obtain products, again at good rates. We are still desperately short of rice, pasta, potatoes and UHT milk but we are doing all we can to purchase until donations return to normal. The scale of the issue is that last week we distributed what would normally go out in a month! Many thanks again Mark Pontin Trustee"

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