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Kundalini Yoga Rebirthing Workshop

26th November 2023

Breath & Harmony Yoga Studio Harpenden.
Contact Julie
07909 542453

Rebirthing is all about the clearing of our subconscious mind.


Rebirthing works with the breath and movement to dissolve and clear subconscious blockages in the cellular memory of the body. This allows for a shift in consciousness and some deep inner revelations, that is unique to your own life story.


Most of us desire to live feeling happy and content, but over our lifetimes our mind can develop unhealthy patterns which can be stored in our subconscious, manifesting in unhappiness.  


This rebirthing workshop allows you to unleash some negative thought patterns that hold you back, tie you down, overwhelm you, creating anxiety and fear.  It will help to set you free to live a life of happiness and fulfilment and allow you to live in harmony with your soul.


"The idea of rebirthing is to release the subconscious, the storehouse of misery.”— Yogi Bhajan



Feed back from the workshop  12th March 23


Hi Julie


I really enjoyed today's session.  Had no idea what we were going to be doing, but was drawn by the idea that we would be clearing things somehow.  

A lovely group of people and it felt very natural.  You were great as a leader/teacher and although it was challenging and hard at times you guided with firmness that was kind and compassionate.  And what was needed methinks (with no prior experience!)  

A few things resonated with me - you often said 'let it go' and so I focussed on that.

I never really meditated, but I think I may have this morning.  I like music and the voices and beats really helped.

It was incredibly powerful and my takeaway was you can get to the 'other side' whatever it looks like.  In that 15 minute punching, I faced the demon that chases, I've fought them before and they were up for a fight again this morning. But you can beat them and the power of a group and focussing on your crown and third eye and everything else you said focus on makes you realise you are actually stronger than them. 

Sorry, it's more than a couple of lines, and I may sound a bit barking (I'm not really).

Thank you.

Hayley xx



I absolutely loved today Julie so wonderful to step away. The music, the mantras were really uplifting. I loved the tea and snack too. No negatives. Louisa 

Hi Julie,

This morning the rebirthing class came exactly at the right time for me. It was a fabulous experience and extremely well planned and taught. The explanations along with the asanas and mantras made the class an excellent learning experience. As ever, Julie teaches with positivity, compassion and professionalism. The atmosphere was relaxed and calm and the music was well chosen for each part. The gong interlude gave us time to reflect and relax for the second part of the class. As ever the tea and snacks at the end were very enjoyable. A class I would definitely come to again and again. Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom Julie.

Hi Julie

Sat Nam


Thank you so much for the workshop on Sunday. I really enjoyed it and the two and half ours seemed to fly by. As always with your classes it was very well planned and thought through and a nice mix of breathwork, physical yoga and mantra. The music you played during some of the longer arm movement sequences really helped me keep up!


As I was walking out I said to Kathy I feel like I’ve left something behind I feel lighter.  I was thinking I’d left something physical behind but I hadn’t and then realised I must have released something 😊  I slept very soundly on Sunday night and have experienced a general state of calm since the workshop.


Thank you again and for the lovely tea and energy balls at the end. Looking forward to your next one already.

Love Julie xx

Thanks for a really powerful session Julie. I felt so exhausted yesterday, I could have gone to bed at 5pm! Also felt grumpy last night until I'd allowed myself to just sit and not do anything for a while. Then slept like a log for 8+ hours. It definitely feels like something has shifted so I'll let you know what happens this week. There are a couple of situations I@m involved in that have been stuck - it feels like I've released that stuckness so excited to see how/when/if things move ahead more smoothly this week. 


Kundalini Yoga Retreat


Relax and Renew with Julie Greenhalgh

Florence House, East Sussex,

Friday 18th March - Sunday 20th March 2022

Sold Out

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About Me!

Hi, I am Julie and I am a counsellor, kundalini yoga teacher, breathwork coach and healer.  I am passionate about wellness, self care, transformation and authenticity and I am excited to offer you this Relaxing and Renewal Kundalini Yoga Retreat where you can release your stress and replace it with inner stillness, love and compassion.  The retreat is a beautiful space to let go of internal and external stresses, relax, meet like minded people, make new friends as well as go on beautiful breath taking coastal walks. Come on your own, with your partner or with friends.  This retreat is available to anyone and you do not need to have experienced kundalini yoga to join us and enjoy it.



Florence House

Florence House is a beautiful and comfortable house set within 6 acres of gardens and grounds, and 5 minutes away from miles of stunning costal cliff walks towards Seven Sisters Country Park. Florence House is  well known for its amazing vegetarian food and is a much loved venue for yoga retreats.  The gardens are abundant and magical to walk around and each of the cosy bedrooms all have views of the grounds or Seaford Head.  The yoga room is huge and light filled as it faces out onto one of the gardens and there is a beautiful yurt in the grounds for meditation.



Kundalini Yoga

We live in a period of rapid change which can feel like chaos to some. The stress that most of us are experiencing relates to how we handle these pressures. As we try to keep up with the pace of everything, our frustrations stem from the resistance to change within ourselves and within our society along with information overload which is often conflicting. We stop listening to our inner guidance.  A stressful environment, life problems, losses, or traumatic events can create blockages in the energy flow that can translate into psychological symptoms such as anxiety and worry. 


Kundalini Yoga is a technology which incorporates, pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (postures), mantra (chanting), relaxation and meditation.  This technology helps us to function in harmony with the new realities and energies to enable us to reduce our resistance. 

We practice techniques that help us to achieve inner peace whilst keeping ourselves grounded. Kundalini yoga is all about transformation and awareness and helps to awaken the energy of consciousness. The practice brings to us an awareness of our self-limited beliefs and habitual patterns that we inherited from our past. The primary goal of kundalini yoga is to allow us to reach our full potential and to expand our awareness of our unlimited self. Benefits of kundalini yoga are improved vitality and self-awareness allowing you to feel more in control of yourself, clarity, greater self esteem and a deeper inner calm as well as strengthening your nervous system and balancing your glandular system.



What the retreat includes:

Exclusive use of Florence House and its extensive beautiful 6 acres of grounds on Seaford Head.

Full-board from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.  The food is vegetarian and delicious. It is seasonal and locally sourced and from their own organic garden, where possible.

Breakfast consists of a buffet with a selection of fresh fruit, cereals, yoghurt, egg and selection of breads.


Lunch consists of freshly made soup, a chef’s choice main course, salads and vegetables.


Dinner consists of a chef’s choice main course, salads, vegetables and dessert.

The venue includes unlimited fresh water, teas and coffees, fresh fruit and biscuits.


Breakfast is from 9.00-10.00am; Lunch from 1.00-2.00pm; Dinner from 7.00-8.00pm. 


Special diets can be catered for (vegan and /or wheat, gluten or dairy free) for an additional charge of £3.50 per person per meal (excluding vegetarian meals). Prior notice is required before the retreat starts.  


Kundalini Yoga is all about the experience and this retreat will include pranayama (breathing practices), asana (posture), mantra (chanting), relaxation and meditation. We will have a fun experience with Shakti dance and then relax to the sounds of gong plus experience beautiful Yoga Nidra followed by a gong bath. 

This schedule is a rough outline and may be subject to minor changes.  If inclement weather, there will be indoor activities/talks to participate in.



5pm arrival

5.30pm-7pm opening circle, kundalini yoga

7pm-8pm dinner

8.30pm-9.30 yoga nidra and gong



7.30am-9am yoga

9am-10am breakfast

10am-12am group walk 

12pm-1pm gentle kundalini yoga/talk

1pm-2pm lunch

2pm-4.30pm free time or group walk

4.30-5.30pm talk on stress/self care 

5.30pm-7pm chakra dancing and gong bath

7pm-8pm dinner

8.30pm-9.30pm meditation in yurt.


7.30am-9am yoga

9am-10am breakfast

10am-12pm walk/activity gentle yoga/meditation

1pm-2pm lunch

2pm-3.30pm walk/relax

3.30pm-4.30pm breathwork 

4.30pm closing circle and goodbyes




Shared accommodation (twin or triple rooms).  There is a  single supplement option of£50, subject to availability.  




The total fee for this weekend is £375 (early bird £340 if booked before 15th October 2021) per person based on shared accommodation (twin, double or triple rooms) with exclusive use of Florence House and its extensive grounds, full board from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.  To secure your booking a deposit of £100 is required.  Single rooms are available at a supplement of £50.


Please contact me below for a Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions for this Retreat.






Testimonials from the retreat.

I would highly recommend Julies Retreats.  It was so lovely to meet such a wonderful group of people. Julie ensured from the beginning to have an all inclusive mentality which was appreciated and followed joyously.  The classes and learnings taught by Julie are life lessons that I will implement in my day to day life going forward.  Thank you Julie

ful Julie. It's difficult to contemplate that this was the first one you've run.

I really enjoyed your teaching; the kriyas and meditations. I expect you spent a lot of time preparing these and there is an ease and naturalness about your teaching.  There was such a lovely connection within the group, almost as though this was a reunion of yogis who'd been together previously.  The long time sun certainly shone upon us all.  With love and gratitude.

This is my first retreat and have never experienced kundalini yoga before, but I feel completely relaxed and replenished and lots of intentions to take home with me.

I was a little nervous beforehand as had never been on a retreat and it was out of my comfort zone. I needn't have worried - the slightest.  It was fabulous from start to finish.  I loved meeting everyone and everyone was so friendly and interesting to talk to.  I feel like I've been away for a weekend and come back with new friends and having learned so much more about yoga.

I attended Julies retreat so as to have a few days of relaxation, restoration and community.  In all respects the retreat provided these.  There was a wonderful connection between everyone.  Julies style of teaching is conducive to inspiring and uplifting people and she introduced over activities such as Shakti Dance.  Overall a great experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing yoga retreat in Seaford.  The program was well organised with a range of relaxation yoga, a talk, meditations and outdoor walks by the sea.  I met new people who I connected with and learnt so much.  I would definitely come on the next retreat.

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