By cleansing your mind your soul will shine through you

- Yogi Bhajan


Meditation is known to help cleanse the mind of thoughts. The mind generates thousands of thoughts per second. When you sit quietly and turn the focus inward, you become very aware of what is going on in the background of your mind.  By focusing on the breath or a mantra can help you to let these thoughts pass bringing you into stillness. 


Meditation classes are run alternate Monday evenings at 7.30pm - 9pm. If you would like to join us, please email me.


I also teach 1-1 meditation sessions to help people who would like to learn how to meditate. 

Counselling Workshops


I facilitate group workshops on low self esteem, stress and anxiety for teenagers and university students. 



Usui & Angel/ Angelic Reiki I, II & Master/ Master Teacher 


Reiki is a pure, divine energy that is excellent for healing for the mind, body and spirit. Each level of training involves a series of attunements which activates the Reiki energy through the hands allowing you to assist your clients in facilitating their own healing. Reiki is compatible and complimentary to many healing modalities and conventional medicine. It is now recognised in many hospitals and medical environments for it's ability to support patients well being. Reiki is the perfect modality for beginning your spiritual journey.

I teach Usui Training; Level1, Level 2 for Practitioner Level, Level 3 Master and Teacher Level. 


I teach Angel/ Angelic Reiki Training;  Level 1&2 for Practitioner Level, Level 3&4 Master/Teacher Level.  


Angel Workshops

I am a qualifed Angel Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation.

Angels are pure high spiritual beings and are manifestations of unconditional love. Their role is to act as messengers or intermediaries for the Divine. However, unlike humans they do not have free will and therefore they can only help us if we ask them.

Angel workshops are for anyone wanting to learn about angels; how to connect and work with them, how to incorporate them into their lives or they can be for the more advanced! The workshops are fun, connective and interactive, helping you to bring more love, abundance or guidance and much more into your lives.  Workshops are organised for group settings or can be personalised and taylor made for the individual.

Please contact me for more information about upcoming workshops in the Harpenden / Hertfordshire area. I am also available to run workshops in other locations by request.


No previous experience is required. Just come with an open mind and an open heart.

Meditation,Training & Workshops, Harpenden, Hertfordshire