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Facial Reflexology, Harpenden, Hertfordshire

Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM is a unique practice that unites traditional healing methods from the Orient and South America with the modern science of neurology.

It works by awakening the 35 different acupuncture points in the face using only the fingertips.


By using deep, long strokes, neuro-vascular points, reflex zones and neurological points stimulate impulses through the central nervous system and meridians to the physical body and the major organs. This promotes and improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, hormonal balance and emotional imbalances.


As your face is richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels, its close proximity to the

brain - the control centre of the body - ensures that stimulus to your face has the shortest route to this important organ, in order to effect a re-balancing of your health issues.

About the Treatment

Your first treatment starts with the completion of a confidential consultation form to assess your current health and wellbeing. This information, combined with observations gathered during your treatment session will be used to prepare your own personal treatment plan for subsequent sessions.

Facial Reflexology is a gentle non-evasive therapy and make up will need to removed prior to a session (makeup wipes will be available). Rose oil and a light rose cream are used during the treatment and can be used on all skin types. 


Who can benefit from Facial Reflexology SorensensistemTM?

Facial Reflexology is completely safe for all age groups including children, with virtually no contra-indications. It promotes deep relaxation enabling those areas of the body and mind that are out of balance to begin to heal and repair.


It works on emotional, physical and mental issues, therefore any imbalance of the body can benefit from Facial Reflexology treatments. 


Lone Sorensen Lopez devised Facial Reflexology over a 26-year period of intensive reflexology study. She is a Professor of Reflexology and holds three honorary titles from the O.M.H.S. (a Humanitarian and Health Organisation).

Healing with Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology does not claim to cure. However, after treatments, clients find their quality of life is immensely enhanced. It has been shown to support the healing of many chronic or acute conditions, such as:


*     Allergies

*     Anxiety

*     Arthritic Conditions

*     Asthma

*     Back & Joint Pain 

*     Depression

*     Digestive Problems

*     Dyslexia

*     Eczema

*     Hormonal Imbalances

*     Hyperactivity

*     Infertility

*     Insomnia

*     Learning Difficulties

*     Lymphatic Drainage

*     Migraine/Headaches

*     Muscular Pain

*     Respiratory Problems

*     Stress

*     Stroke Rehabilitation



£50 per session 

For your first session, please allow 75 minutes. Subsequent treatments will take 50/60 minutes. 

Gift vouchers are available.