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FR Pregnancy & Birthing

Facial Reflexology for Pregnancy & Birthing 
Facial Reflexology is a wonderful therapy to receive during pregnancy and is completely safe during the first trimester. 

Treatments throughout your pregnancy enable you to feel healthy, more relaxed and less prone to hormonal imbalances including post-natal depression. Facial Reflexology promotes relaxation during labour, resulting in an easier birth and a faster recovery. 

It is also very beneficial to the baby's health and well-being plus it helps the body to produce a good supply of milk. 

Mother & Baby
After birth, facial reflexology helps to re-balance the hormones and also treatments for baby can help with colic, ear & tummy aches, sleeping and the baby's general wellbeing.

Additional Reading - Pregnancy and Facial Reflexology

During pregnancy it is essential for expectant mothers to maintain a high level of health and fitness - mentally as well as physically. A natural and healthy lifestyle based on a well balanced diet, regular exercise, fresh air and sufficient sleep are the essential elements for healthy foetal development and the well being of expectant mothers.

Although many expectant mothers adhere to these basic requirements, many of them still experience a wide range of pre and post-natal ailments, the most common of which are:

• Water retention  • Swollen hands and feet  • Excessive weight gain  • Constipation  • Bladder infection  • Hypertension  • Type 2 diabetes  

• Nausea and vomiting

Many of these disorders are quite common and are usually the result of the natural hormonal changes that are to be expected during (and after) pregnancy. An expectant mother’s hormonal system has to work hard to adjust to these changes - this increases her vulnerability. Hormonal glands are not only essential to the human body’s organic functions, they are also essential in maintaining the body’s natural chemical balance – hormone production affects us mentally and physically. Fluctuations in glandular hormone production always result in various forms of emotional imbalance such as:

• Tiredness and lack of libido  • Mood swings  • Depression  • Bipolar dysfunction  • Hysteria

Facial reflexology is a form of therapy which, amongst other things, helps and regulates the body’s natural hormonal and nervous systems, as these have to adapt to accommodate the body’s changing state during pregnancy. Regular treatment with facial reflexology throughout pregnancy provides the opportunity to avoid all of these well known ailments. It assists the body in re-establishing its own natural balance (homeostasis) and helps it to make the necessary adjustments.

Facial Reflexology for Kids

Facial reflexology provides a natural path to a happier and healthier life. Its stimulation can provide physical and psychological benefits for children of all ages. Reflexology stimulates  growth and relieves pain; it also improves the body’s general state of health and boosts its natural immune system. 

Well documented studies show that babies who are treated with facial reflexology avoid colic, experience improved weight - gain and have better sleep patterns. These improvements happen because any form of physical stimulus has a diminishing effect on the body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol; the same type of stimulus also boosts the body’s natural production of anti-stress hormones.

A joint study on the importance of physical stimulus was carried out at the Miami University School of Medicine, USA and The Stockholm University School of Medicine in Sweden. The results of the research have proven that physical contact plays an important role in every form of healing. Healthy and sick children alike need physical contact in order to thrive. Physical contact is just as important for healthy development as nutrition is, that is why healthy children need reflexology as a form of preventative stimulation and sick children need it to help strengthen and improve all of their bodily functions.

Over the last twenty years, The Institute for Facial Reflexology and Temprana Therapy in Barcelona, Spain, has successfully tested the concept of physical contact on sick children. The institute’s use of facial reflexology techniques on sick children has given many positive results. Facial reflexology treatment has proven to be a perfect supplementary treatment for children suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses. At the “San Juan de Dios” hospital in Barcelona, Spain, surgeon and child cancer  specialist, Dr. Bibiana Carasco has completed an extensive three year research project which investigated the effects of reflexology treatment on her patients. Dr. Carasco’s  research confirms that facial reflexology treatment provides physical and psychological relief for child cancer patients.

Articles by Lone Sorensen, Instituto de Reflexologia International